About Healing Journeys

Healing Journeys prime objective is  propagating Vedic knowledge in a Gurukul style. Our mission is to develop trainers!

 The activity of sharing and spreading Vedic Knowledge has always existed in our family and tradition, is now a passion and service, our small way of  making the World a better place by sharing and spreading knowledge especially what we have received in our legacy. Our mission is to keep culture and traditions alive.

Healing Journeys as a organised activity has been functioning since 1994, under the patronage of Dr’s Sangitha and Virje Khosla, for us this activity is a passion we disseminate information using self example and demonstrating rather than sermon.

As the propagator’s we are fortunate to have inherited this modus – operandi  from our forefathers and has been practiced in present avtar since 1958.
At our place, anyone disseminating knowledge does only after receiving explicit permission from their Guru to do so, this is according to Vedic tradition, your teacher / guide shall be a expert in the subject having studied, understood and practiced for many years before being permitted to present it.

When I was growing up, I have experienced children of family, friends and associates always around and receiving special attention, the first outside from our family, to get my attention is the Son of a wealthy family from South India who came to stay with us in the late 60’s. We are still good friends and he like many others thereafter give credit to the time spent with us as a very impressionable period of their life, which has given deeper insight into their own mind, body and soul, made his life more meaningful. We still continue the practice.

Recently the son of a friend from The Netherlands went to Ooty and stayed for 6 months, he was a school dropout along with many other undesirable and socially unacceptable habits and socially a outcast now he has a 5 figure salary and a model for others to emulate

 Dr Virje started travelling abroad during the year 1976, especially to Europe, USA, USSR and Japan. Approximately four visits to each country every year, for over the next 10 years. Soon relationships and friendships developed and talk about personal matters as family and health started. Since then, we have had the good fortune to be of service to many! From self improvement, all round development to becoming trainers to carry forward the good work. We are health centric. Believe and propagate that for living a meaningful healthy life, complete balance is required.

Dr Sangitha is a doctor of medicine from Bangalore university the topper of her batch, has done MD in alternative medicinethereafter and is in continuous practice and training since 1985.

Dr Virje is a MD in Traditional Medicine has learnt the Vedic Knowledge from Father and Grand father besides other Guru’s has been in active practice and training since 1976.

Today we are active in The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and India, having associates and students all over the World.